Blogging From A to Z April (2014) Challenge Posts ~ Emotions (Condensed Version)

I accidentally found the Blogging From A to Z Challenge while searching for things blog related. This was my first year participating and I am so glad that I found this awesome challenge. The concept is to blog every day in the month of April, except for Sundays. This makes the days to post the same number as there are in the alphabet, which is 26. So on the first day of April your post is to be about something A related, the second day B related, and so on…

I had a lot of fun and the bloggers were not only extremely creative and talented, they were also very friendly and made me feel (a basically new blogger) very welcome.

I will definitely be participating every year!

Here are my posts:

A is for Anger
B is for Bliss
C is for Compassion
D is for Deceit
E is for Envy
F is for Fear
G is for Grief
H is for Hurt
I is for Insecurity
J is for Jilted
K is for Kindness
L is for Love and Loss (of a pet)
M is for Melancholy
N is for Nervousness
O is for Optimism
P is for Pride
Q is for Quizzical
R is for Resentment
S is for Sadness
T is for Thankfulness
U is for Unfeeling
V is for Victimization (emotional)
W is for Worry
X is for XOXO
Y is for Yearning
Z is for Zeal



      • No, I haven’t 🙂 It’s a great idea though. I barely managed to keep on top of posting daily (my baby girl was only a month old, my toddler son was off nursery for a week during the challenge, and I got very ill myself). Not sure how I survived it, but it taught me so much. Can’t wait till next April 🙂

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