“Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.” -Khalil Gibran

S is for Sadness

We all experience emotional pain at one time or another. Feeling down on occasion is a part of life. Sadness is an emotional condition in which a person feels unhappy. How sad a person feels depends on the situation and how that person deals with having the blues. Those experiencing the emotion of sadness often become quiet and may withdraw from others. Their eating and sleeping habits may change. Crying is also a sign of sadness, although a person can also cry tears of happiness. Some examples of what can bring about the emotion of sadness are loss of a loved one, homesickness, chronic illness or medical conditions. Sadness often inspires artists and poets. When sadness becomes more than a temporary feeling and keeps a person from functioning normally this could be the sign of a much deeper condition known as depression.

Synonym of sadness – misery
Antonym of sadness – happiness

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  1. I think there are times when I’m addicted to emotion, maybe even sadness. Particularly when writing a certain scene, but more than that. Maybe it’ s a condition of those in the writing world.
    Great post Cheryl. Love coming in here.
    Silvia @

    • I tend to do my best writing when I am sad. I don’t know why…maybe emotions are high and it’s easier for me to express myself. Thank you for your nice comment. And thank you for reading and commenting on my blog post.

  2. We breathe in our sadness and then decide to exhale it, or simply release the stale air. Emotions are the roller coaster of life and while it’s great to experience all of the ups and downs, they are temporary, if we allow them to be. But we do need to feel them to experience ourselves, our lives, but we shouldn’t hold on to them too tightly. Or they become a noose around our necks, choking our life from within.

    • We do need to experience all the ups and downs of life. If we never experienced negative emotions we would never be able to appreciate the positive ones. There are some that I can see chocking us from within and you are right, those we need to let go of. Thanks again for stopping by.

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