“Whatever is going to happen will happen, whether we worry or not.” -Ana Monnar

anguish, apprehension, uneasiness, irritation

W is for Worry

We all have felt the emotion of worry many times in our life. Situations such as trying to get a good grade in that class we are having difficulties with, a job interview, paying the bills, the health and well-being of loved ones can bring about worrisome feelings. When you think about it worrying is a useless emotion as it does not solve anything or give a solution. It does however cause sleepless nights, the inability to focus on everyday life, and can leave us on edge. Worry is only the fear of the unknown. If things were predictable there would be no worry, but life is not predictable. Worrying can have a negative impact on your health. It can cause your heart rate to increase, makes you tired and prone to depression, and can speed up the aging process. Some things you can do to eliminate worry would be to exercise and/or medicate, relax, and to try to take on your fears and learn to not let it interfere with daily life.

Synonym of worry – fear
Antonym of worry – comfort

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32 thoughts on “Worry

    • Some people worry more than others. And there are times when you can’t help but worry. But it can be time consuming…and it doesn’t change anything. Thank you for stopping by!

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