Love and Loss (of a pet)

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

L is for Love and Loss (of a pet)

The emotion of love is an affection that we feel for someone or something. There are a multitude of different kinds of love we share and receive. Self-love, the love of our parents, the love of our spouses, the love of friends, and the love of money and material things are all individual types of love. But the most unconditional love of all, in my opinion, is given to us by our devoted pets. These wonderful creatures do not judge us, do not care how we look or what we have to give them, and they trust us implicitly. They become a part of our bonded family. And when a beloved animal passes the death can be as devastating as losing a much loved person.

In memory of all our beloved pets I am sharing this video. This song became a hit in 1976. It was written and sung by Henry Gross, the lead guitarist of the band Sha Na Na. The inspiration of this song came about through his witnessing the grief Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys was experiencing over the loss of his dog Shannon.

Synonym of love – devotion
Antonym of love – hate

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  1. I absolutely agree. Pets touch us in a way that is totally different from how people do. Not better or worse, just different, and special.

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