“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” -Winston Churchill

O is for Optimism

Do you see the glass as always half full? Can you always see the silver lining in every cloud? If you answered yes to both these questions you are probably an optimist. Those who are optimistic often take on adversity in a positive way. When they experience a set-back they move forward believing that things will get better. It’s this positive thinking that gives them hope and confidence about the future. It also motivates them to try harder when a difficult situation arises. It’s been said that having this positive emotional outlook helps generate better heath and may assist a person in aging well. An example of an optimistic person would be Helen Keller.

Pessimism is the opposite of optimism. A pessimist, when faced with difficult situations feels defeated and tends to think that things will never get better.

Take this quiz to see how optimistic you are:

Synonym of optimism – enthusiasm
Antonym of optimism – discouragement

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    • It’s good to always look on the bright side. I believe that in everything bad if you look hard enough you can find something good. No problem with the like and the follow. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.

    • Hmmmm that’s what I’d say if I got that too! It’s funny but I thought every one who took that test would be an optimist. And then I see comments saying theirs came out pessimist. That just must be the optimist in me….and sometimes optimism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…LOL

  1. I’m not sure that I’m a natural optimist, but I do think that people can train themselves to think more positively! So, I’m working on that… 😉
    Good luck with the rest of the A to Z Challenge!

    • I think that people can change the way they think, but it’s hard. Especially if they have had a lot of negativity in their life. I’ve had to close the door on some people recently because all they bring is drama. I’m sad about it but my life has been better….

  2. I feel like I’m a little of both, depending on the situation. Sometimes I can be optimistic, other times it’s hard to when things aren’t going the way I wanted it to be. But one thing is for sure, I can’t stand people who just shove negativity to others. It’s like, I don’t care if you’re a pessimist, just keep it to yourself. lol.

    • I just commented on a post about having to get rid of negative people out of my life. There just are some that love drama…starting it and spreading it. I agree with you on being optimistic or pessimistic depending on the situation. There are just some situations that we can’t control.

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