“Pull love closely around you and snuggle into its bliss.”
-Hemat Malak

B is for Bliss

In Faith Hill’s song, This Kiss, she describes the smooch as perpetual bliss. But what is bliss?
It is an extreme feeling of happiness like no other. This emotion can bring about a state of deep emotional fulfillment with feelings of supreme ecstasy. There is no one definition of what triggers this emotion as everyone experiences uplifted consciousness in a variety of ways. To some bliss can be brought about by their feelings for their loved ones or pursuing their passion. For others it could be the smallest of things such as a piece of chocolate or the smell of a certain flower. Anything that is deeply meaningful to us can bring about this wonderful inner feeling. It is a feeling within us that no circumstance either positive or negative can affect.

To me bliss is a feeling of not only happiness but inner peace, a place where contentment and serenity dwell. We all have the capacity to achieve this powerful emotion but I think we first must find happiness in ourselves. People cannot make us happy. They can add to our happiness or take away some happiness. But the foundation for blissfulness must be found within us first.

What makes you blissful?

Synonym of bliss – joy
Antonym of bliss – misery

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B is for Bliss
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  1. Before I gave up sugar I would have said “Crème Brulee!” Ah, well. Now it’s a couple hours in my backyard hammock with a good book!

  2. First of all, I love that you put up the book “The Geography of Bliss”. I currently live in Switzerland and could relate much of that chapter to mindsets of those around me. Great read!

    That being said, I echo gapark who finds bliss reading in her hammock. Things don’t get much better than that! Although, as a musician, I also feel pure joy when I perform on stage. 🙂

    • The sound of the ocean can bring about a moment of bliss for me. Holding hands with the one you love is at the top of the list for obtaining bliss, in my opinion.

  3. Bliss for me used to be outward, and sometimes still is: noticeable weight loss, finding a spectacular piece of mid century modern furniture and not paying much for it, or impressing someone during a conversation. I can still get buzzed by such events, but I have found this bliss to be fleeting, which led to inappropriate expenses of energy for more bliss, which was fleeting, creating a bad cycle.

    Now, I look inward for bliss. It is still fleeting because this is such a new way of living that it is still purposeful, not second nature yet. But when it clicks, like when I am able to articulate my feelings on the screen, or when i am content for no other reason than that I am alive and able to use my five senses, it is so beautiful, so astoundingly amazing, that i catch my breath and simply float through it. Awesome!

    Thank you for the follow, Cheryl. I look forward to reading more of your A to Z posts.


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