“If I ever completely lost my nervousness I would be frightened to death.” -Paul Lynde

N is for Nervousness

At one time or another we have all experienced the human emotion of nervousness. Being out of our comfort zone often leads us to feel on edge, become apprehensive and slightly afraid. Rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, upset stomach, blushing, fingernail biting, and the shaking of legs are some of the signs that a person is experiencing nervousness. Often times we have heard the statement, “He/she is a nervous wreck.” This is in reference to someone who is extremely worried and upset. Some ways to alleviate nervousness would be listening to soothing music, meditating, and/or exercising. Sometimes the feeling of nervousness can be caused by medical conditions such as anxiety or thyroid disorders. Even drinking too much caffeine can cause a state of being nervous.

Synonym of nervousness – jitters
Antonym of nervousness – calmness

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  1. I am a nervous person. I think it is part of trying new things and stressing that make it more of an anxiety issue. The most important thing is to push past it and still live your life, and of course seek help if needed.

    • Anxiety runs in my family. I’m not much of a nervous person, but I have my moments. I think we all tend to feel a little nervous when we try new things. You are right, we have to try to make sure it doesn’t interfere in our lives and sometimes that means seeking help in some way. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.

  2. I get nervous every day just by the fear of pain that plagues me sometimes it’s worse than others. Today on holiday I had to be in the car a lot more than usual and I realised I was getting shaky legs and I know nervousness or fear makes it worse. What is the difference do you think between fear and nervousness?

    • Good question! Both fear and nervousness bring about the same symptoms. I’m thinking they are really both the same. Sorry that you have to live with pain every day, as do I. I can’t sit or stand for long periods of time. Which is why I am on and off the computer all day. This seems to contribute to my being always behind….But what are you going to do?

      • I am not sure what you were referring to with what are you going to do. Re falling behind, I think “heck, life is life i just have to work a way to catch up” like with my 201 i am behind, i don’t do it every day but will bulk the days in to one post, which I am due to do. Re my pain, I am due to go to the pain clinic again in May I know he will ask what difference the last lot of spinal injections made, which wasnt much, except the advantage is I came off Ibuprofen after three years and went on anaesthetic patches which he recommended so that is a good thing as my stomach isnt as swollen. So I try to see some benefit. But sadly I know it really effects my kids my pain in my life, I can’t hide it, they know it and it makes them sad, and that makes me cry and feel guilty though I know I can’t help this being in my life. i still hope it will go. I try to do what I can when i can and really stick to small steps as I know otherwise it gets worse if I do too much, its like a ticking time bomb, I have to almost ‘respect’ the bomb? If that makes sense?

  3. When I start getting nervous I know I am heading into new territory and try know it is time to jump in and at least try whatever it might be. Just getting past the nervousness is an accomplishment, then I decide if I want to go further. One thing I haven’t gotten past yet is heights.

  4. I think I get the most nervous when I have to speak in public, like in school giving a speech years ago or if I have to fly. I avoid flying as much as possible and thank God I’ve graduated! I learned to overcome my nervousness at school by volunteering to go first, get it out of the way and then enjoy the other presentations 🙂

    visiting from A/Z; good luck with the rest of the challenge!


    • When I was in high school my counselor decided that in order for me to not be as nervous of people that I should take public speaking….wrong thing to do. I flunked the course. I still get nervous if I have to speak in front of people that I don’t know. But I’m not so nervous to voice my opinion anymore which is a good thing for me but has been bad for some people : ) Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog post.

  5. If my heart starts beating too fast, I literally command it to slow down. “Peace! Be still!” I say. Sometimes it listens, sometimes it starts beating even faster.

    • I have to agree that being outside and surround by nature can help with many things. I used to be a city girl. Now I am glad that I live in a place where I can look out my window and see deer and other living creatures. Just watching the animals has a calming effect.

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