A Blogger’s Question ~ Problem With Adding YouTube Videos To Blog Post


Dear Fellow Bloggers,

When I posted my Musical Monday Special Edition ~ Remembering Karen Carpenter last week I noticed that only the links to the videos were showing up. I had hoped that this would correct itself. For the past few days I have been trying to create the next Musical Monday post only to find myself dealing with the same issue. Until this issue is resolved I will not be posting any Musical Monday posts.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Is there a quick fix?  Is it WordPress? Is it the blonde in front of this computer?





  1. Dear Cheryl you will find I post lots of music on my blog. ..and all from Youtube. ….the way i share the videos is if I am on a pc or laptop I copy the link of the video from the share button of Youtube and then paste the link here in WP. ..and the video is displayed fine. …from my smartphone I share the video from Youtube directly to WP app. ..and it works fine. ..sometimes the problem happens due to slow down in network. ….see if this helps. .

    • Thank you so much for your reply. I have been sharing YouTube videos for over two years and never had a problem. In fact, I share them exactly the way you told me to : ) I have a feeling that it’s WordPress as now I am having problems with adding content. I have also noticed that my dashboard keeps changing. I will give it a few days and then try to add the music again to the Karen Carpenter post and see if the issue has been resolved. Thank you again for your help.

  2. Hmmmmmm… I use the ‘Embed’ code, which translates as the video (in question) appearing on your post.
    I click on ‘Share’ (under the video) then on Embed, then copy that code into my post…
    Hope this helps, and hope I’ve understood your dilemma!

  3. Hi Cheryl, I know it’s possible because I’ve done it. Sometimes the video would show as a link in the email version of the post but then show correctly on the site. Don’t give up. WordPress has tutorials too. 😀

    • I’ve been adding videos for two years without a problem. I am starting to think that WordPress might have been doing something to the site. I am going to try to re-add the videos soon and see if it works. Thank you for your comment : )

      • My pleasure. I noticed that WordPress is “different” for new users. I teach a class using WP, and for new students, the themes don’t even show a dashboard (or if one’s there I can’t find it). I wish you the best!

  4. Are you self-hosted? If so, you might need to upgrade your WordPress software. Also, when you embed a YouTube video, are you just putting in the URL of the video, or grabbing the embed code (starts with <iframe)? I've been doing the latter, and have had no issues.

    • Also, when you paste the URL of the video into the post, make sure you’re using the HTML editor rather than the WYSIWYG one. The latter assumes that it’s just text and turns it into a link. I’ve had the same problem myself.

    • I am not self-hosted although I hope to be one day. As I told others, I think WordPress might be working on the site. I just tried to write a blog post and am getting a message telling me that my content cannot be saved. Also my dashboard setup keeps moving around. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon : )

    • As I have mentioned to other bloggers, I have been adding music videos for over two years with no problem. It just might be WordPress working on the site. Thank you for for taking the time to comment.

  5. I doubt it’s the blonde who’s been doing this for a long while. I’m not much help having never shared a video on WP before. My only suggestions would be to make certain that you have all the WP updates and then see if there’s been some change in YT’s sharing policies. More than a week is too long for it to be a minor glitch. Good luck!

    • Hi Christina. Thank you for your faith in me 🙂 I am not self-hosted so I think it’s WordPress. As I mentioned in other comments I am having issues with saving content and my dashboard setup keeps changing. Hopefully all this won’t go on for long. Take care.

  6. I’ve only ever been able to post the links and I thought it was because I did not spring the extra for a premium site. If anyone figures out a work around I’m all ears.

    • I do have a premium site. I’ve always been able to post the videos except for my last Musical Monday. As I have mentioned in other posts I think it’s WordPress. Hopefully someone will post something that will help you.

  7. There have been several new updates at WP lately Cheryl and if your Theme are outdated, you will get this kind of problems, no matter if it was a free Theme or a paid one.
    They will stop updating some of the Themes here and we do all need to stay awake for this and may change, if we wish to continue doing, what we are doing in here.
    I don’t post video’s or pay for doing that, so I only tell you, what I have experienced in here lately.
    Good luck 🙂

  8. WP occasionally changes their setup. I’ve noticed, in the last few months, when I add a link it automatically changes to the title. I made a habit of leaving the original format because of a friend who is legally blind. The computer will read the link as a link if it is written in its entirety. However, the computer can’t read the underline and change in color. For example, a blogger will write “click here” meaning the reader should click on the highlighted “here.” Unfortunately, the computer reading programs don’t see the highlighted here. All that to say: It isn’t you.

  9. Cheryl! I think till now there was no problem as such for me, but I have experienced some of the blog posts of bloggers do not play and they keep saying this video is barred from playing on other sites.
    In my “MUSIC” post I have inserted so many videos and all are playing. Some bloggers have enjoyed the videos so much that they have ordered the CDs from Amazon.
    Sometimes it is a glitch. Keep trying it shall work out.

    • Hi Shiva. I think it was a glitch or they were working on the site. Whatever it was it seems to have been fixed as I was able to post videos last Monday. I sure hope it doesn’t happen again. Thank you!

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