“Anything is better than lies and deceit!”  -Leo Tolstoy

D is for Deceit

When P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute” he wasn’t kidding!  At one time or another most of us have been the victim of the emotional pain of deceit.  There are many situations in which we can become a casualty of a dishonest person.  Scams to get us to hand over our money, innocent email that turns out to be a computer virus, news of the death of a celebrity that turns out to be a hoax are just some of the ways we can become victims of deceit.  The worst deceit of all, I believe, is when deception comes from a person who is close to us, especially if it is someone we love. This deceit hurts the most!  Deceit destroys or questions relationships.  It makes the victim feel used and foolish, sometimes destroying self-esteem.  For others it can shatter the foundation of trust.

Evil people of deceit prey on good people.  They know that a person with a good character would not quickly pick up on their dishonesty. That is because good people tend to see others as good and  therefor do not easily detect dishonest people

What do you think some of the reasons for being deceitful are?

Synonym of deceit – fallacious
Antonym of deceit – honest

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A is for Anger
B is for Bliss
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D is for Deceit
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  1. Building off of your post “Compassion,” I am most hurt by people filled with deceit that prey upon my compassion, and that of other veterinarians. The number of times that I (and others) have been told, “Do whatever you can to save Fluffy. Money is no object” and then don’t get paid has resulted in veterinary clinics not offering payment options. Then turned into, “You are an animal abuser and a horrible person, because you won’t treat my pet for free.” I have had people threaten to beat me up, slash my tires, kill my family, because they refuse to take responsibility for their pet. Mean, deceitful people make me sad.

    • It only takes a few people not doing the right thing to ruin it for those who would. I understand why vet clinics and many other places don’t offer payment options anymore. I’m sure when vets can’t help an animal due to financial reason they feel horrible about it. I also know how it feels when a pet gets sick or there is an emergency and you don’t have the money at the time to pay a pet bill. This is why I have pet insurance now for my cat. It’s been a life saver!

  2. I was raised by my father, who always unsuccessfully went after my mother for child support. When she died when I was 21, I inherited some money, part of which my father stole, I think, because he felt entitled to the money due to raising me with no support. He has never admitted to the theft, although he did repay the money. That deception shattered an already shaky bond. I have cut him out of my life several times since then, only to let him back in due to fervent wishes he be the dad I need. Now, I accept that will never happen, but he is still in my life because it is just easier (he would hound me if I cut him out whereas he is less demanding when he is in my life.) But, the effort of the pretense is sometimes too much, and I shut him out. He doesn’t understand. I no longer care what he thinks. His deception destroyed my love for him.

    • I’m sorry that this happened to you. Deception cuts deep! Some people just don’t understand how deceit can destroy love. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog.

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