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The mission of firstbook.org is to provide new books to children in need. First Book strives to distribute quality books in an effort to end illiteracy. 97% of all donations are used to provide new books for children in need.

How You Can Help

Make a cash donation. You can also give a cash donation in memory or celebration of someone.

Join Team First Book and host your own fundraising event. Each year volunteers in the U.S. and Canada hold local fundraising events to obtain new books and education resources for children from low income families in their communities.

Virtual Book Drives
Set up a Virtual Book Drive. First Book offers a fundraising page. The funds will provide brand new books for children from low income families. You have the option as to where your funds go, either to a specific school or program or where the need is the greatest.

Shop To Support First Book
Choose a gift from the First Book Gift Catalog. Gifts purchased go to the First Books mission of providing new books to children from low income families.


Other Blogging A to Z Challenge posts (2015):
*Disclaimer – This post is for general information only and part of the Blogging From A-to-Z Challenge (April 2015). I am not affiliated with or endorse this charity. Please use caution when donating to online charities.


35 thoughts on “F Is For ~FirstBook.org

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  7. What a wonderful organization! Books are so important. I’ve had a love of books since early childhood and I encourage my grandson now to love books. We read all the time. There’s really no excuse for illiteracy in this day and age. Anything is possible. Thank you for getting the word out. Peace.

  8. I love First Book. When I was a reporter several years ago, I covered a couple of reading organizations and I just love what they stand for. I wanted to start one in the community where I now live.

    • I had never heard of First Book until I started looking for charities for my theme. I love the idea of a Virtual Book Drive and will probably have one after this challenge.

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  10. Awesome post Cheryl!! I will get to know more about this organisation, as I love the concept! Books can change lives 🙂

    Thank you for sharing such a worthy organisation!!

    Best of luck with rest of the challenge x

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  31. My librarian friends told me recently that some new research shows that children who have books in the home, especially books of their own, are way ahead of kids who do not. I think this was regardless of how often these books were read. Just having books sparks some important brain development. Amazing.

    • That is amazing! I have heard that the more books you read the smarter you become. This is one of my favorite organizations. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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