Y Is For Yes A Pig Lives In Our House #AtoZChallenge


 Dear Readers,

I have actually been seeing a lot of people deciding to open their homes to a pig. These animals seem to have been given a bad rap! From what I have been hearing (from pig owners) and reading, pigs are not the dirty, smelly, unintelligent animals that many of us have been led to believe. In fact, pigs are very clean, social, and their IQ puts them close to the top of the intelligence list, when it comes to animals. There are many websites that state that pigs are smarter than dogs. 

Today I am talking to the creator of the Facebook group, Yes, A Pig Lives In Our House.

Please welcome Penny

Hello! My name is Penny Schweitzer and I am the creator of the Face Book group Yes a Pig Lives in Our House Group! I am also the author of the book “Yes, a Pig Lives in Our House!” My book tells fun stories of life with a pot belly pig as a house pet and includes color photographs. When you buy my book directly I donate a portion of each sale to various animal rescue groups. For more information about my book and how to order, please feel free to visit my Face Book business page Yes, a Pig Lives in Our House. You can also obtain Yes A Pig Lives In Our House in book or kindle form through Barnes & Noble or AmazonSince writing my book I have met so many wonderful people and have learned that many people have a pot belly pig as a pet and love their pig to the moon and back!!!!

Please tell the readers a little about the group.

The members and I share our fun stories of our pig’s intelligence, showing off our pot belly pigs at local events, how they respond to belly rubs and snout kisses, as well as tricks that they like to perform. On Halloween we share photos of our pot belly pig dressed in his/her Halloween costume! The stories, photos and videos that are shared in this group will definitely make anyone smile if not laugh out loud! Pot belly pigs are extremely intelligent. Scientists believe that pigs are one of the most intelligent animals, ranking close behind apes and dolphins. Due to their intelligence, they can get bored easy so it is necessary to stay a step ahead of them.

What inspired you to create this group?

I joined many pot belly pig related Face Book groups and then had the idea to create a group that has the theme of my book – the fun, positive energy and love that pot belly pig owners have for their pigs. Currently this group has over 1,000 members and continues to grow on a steady basis.

What would you like this group to accomplish?

When creating this group my goal was to have pot belly pig parents share their fun, lighthearted stories with other pot belly pig parents. Having a pot belly pig is not for everyone, but “pig parents” are a very special, unique, and very kind hearted group of people.

Members of the group are not required to own a pot belly pig, this group is open to anyone who likes pigs, knows a pot belly pig “parent” or anyone who wants to learn what it is really like to have a pot belly pig as a pet. One of my goals of this group is to inform people what having a pot belly pig as a pet consists of prior to adopting a pot belly pig.

Thank you very much for letting me share my group with you!

Thank you Penny for taking the time to tell us about this interesting and entertaining group.

Click on the link to find this Facebook group – Yes a Pig Lives In Our House Group

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  1. Cheryl! It is surprising and strange to know of this about Pigs.
    They are intelligent and worth becoming Pets…. is a rare thought…….
    I shall see to the links you talk about….
    The way Pigs are bred and reared here in India you will be astonished..😃😀

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