N Is For Nose Work (Shetland Sheepdog) ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020

Shetland Sheepdogs (aka the Sheltie) and all other breed of dogs possess around 300 million smell receptors in their nose. We have a mere 6 million. Also, the part of the brain that dogs use for analyzing smells is about 40 times more than ours. It certainly makes sense that an activity such as nose work would be a great physical and mental activity for our canines.

K9 Nose Work is an scent detection activity. Dogs are taught how to search for a specific odor and find the source. This is NOT professional scent detection work. You can google nose work to find places near you that teach this fun activity. Or check out YouTube videos and tutorials and do it yourself!

Message from a Sheltie mom – Dogs love to smell and Misty Blue is no exception to the rule. Sometimes I think her sniffer works overtime! What should be a 5 minute potty break often leads to a 20 minute adventure. Misty Blue has to use that long nose of hers to smell the whole yard before she finds the right place to go!

I think nose work is such a great idea and offers many benefits. This might help Misty Blue learn how to maintain her focus and could build her confidence. I am definitely checking this out!

What are your thoughts on nose work?

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Shetland Sheepdog ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020
A Is For Active
B Is For Barking
C Is For Characteristics
D Is For Dental Care
E Is For Ear Tipping
F Is For Famous Shetland Sheepdogs
G Is For Grooming
H Is For Health Conditions
I Is For Ivermectin
J Is For Jumping
K Is For Kisses
L Is For Lily of the Valley and other poisonous flowers
M Is For MDR1
N Is For Nose Work
O Is For Origin
P Is For Phenol
Q Is For Quarantine
R Is For Rainbow Bridge
S Is For Shedding
T Is For Traits
U Is For Unconditional Love
V Is For Veterinarian
W Is For Working Ability
X Is For Xylitol
Y Is For Yelling and Other Noises
Z Is For Zoomies
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  1. I had to laugh when I read this, Cheryl.
    My two do something very similar to Misty Blue. They walk here and there as if looking for just the right place to pee. Invariably, though, after one relieves him/herself, the other will pee on the same precise spot. And like Misty Blue, this potty break can become a great adventure…
    Who would be without a pet?

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