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facebook-440788__340 Welcome to Facebook Friday! Each Friday I will be highlighting either a Facebook Page or Facebook Group. If you are interested in participating in an interview about your Facebook Page/Group please email me at pluckingofmyheartstrings@gmail.com.

This week I have the pleasure to introduce you all to Shenel of SAVE. SELL. SHENEL.  This very frugal lady offers advice on how to improve your financial situation and more.  

Please tell the readers a little about yourself

I was born in the Philippines, raised in Chicago, went to college in Houston, and was recruited to work in San Antonio where I currently reside. I left Chicago in 2006 when I was 18. While I lived in Houston, the recession hit. For years I had to work 3 jobs just to make ends meet while going to college. This gave me experience in retail, hospitality, finance, marketing, oil & gas, and tech. Towards the end of my college career, I was tired of working 16 or even 24 hour days and seeing my life pass me by. I wanted more time to spend with family and doing the things that I loved. I tried to find different ways to save and make money so that I could take back control of my life. My sister and I would share our money-saving tips over the phone.

My sister was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in January of 2018. By October of 2018, she encouraged me to share my tips with others because she did not know how much longer she would be around. She said my tips could help others with a similar situation take back control of their lives. This led me to create my save.sell.shenel brand. I started off with Instagram and created a Facebook page for those who were not on Instagram. Although my sister passed away in August, her encouragement has given me a platform to help change lives.

What inspired you to create this Facebook page?

I created a Facebook page so that I could have a larger audience. Everyone consumes information differently and I did not want to alienate anyone from learning about my saving and selling mission.

Please tell the readers a little about this Facebook page.

My Facebook page focuses on different ways to save money and make money. By saving I discuss ways to save time, money, the environment, and our stories.

By selling, I share different ways to sell on local apps and e-commerce. I use both saving and making money to help me with my debt-free journey.

My page has turned into a platform that helps raise awareness for the sustainable fashion mission. I share different ways people can save money through thrift shopping or by purchasing quality items at a good price. I try to show how you can have the wardrobe of your dreams no matter what your budget is as long as you’re willing to take advantage of various sales. By saving money on clothing or home goods, my audience is able to use the extra money towards family dinners, family vacations, paying down debt, or starting a business. By purchasing thrifted items, we have saved millions of pounds of clothing from being thrown in the landfill.

What would you like this Facebook page to accomplish?

My hope is that people will have more time to spend with friends and family or doing what they love to do. If there’s anything that I learned from my sister’s passing, it is that life’s too short. She spent the last years of her life working so much waiting for retirement that she said she wished she traveled more and spent more time making memories. After years of working 3 jobs instead of spending time with my family, I really wish I learned my tips sooner. I went from having to work 3 jobs to 1 job and a side-hustle. I have been able to spend more time with my family and help volunteer in my community. My hope is that my audience will have more time to help make lasting memories and help change their communities.

Thank you Shenel for this interview and for offering ways to make life a little easier. 

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