J Is For Jumping ( Shetland Sheepdog) ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020

With Sheltland Sheepdogs (aka the Sheltie) jumping can be two-fold. Jumping up on people usually starts as a puppy and with most breed of dog. Dogs greet each other face to face and they like to do that with people. Jumping up on people is their way of saying I am glad to see you. Unfortunately, this behavior could cause injury or make some people scared.

Many Shelties are taught to jump in order to showcase their ability in competitions. Jumping is in their DNA and boy can they jump, sometimes right over your backyard fence. According to patchpuppy.com, Shelties are in their list of 9 Breeds that can jump fences.

Message from a Sheltie mom – There is no doubt in my mind that Misty Blue could jump the fence that is around my yard. The only thing is, she hasn’t realized yet that she can run and jump. Her jumping is straight up and down in the air. And it’s amazing just how high she can do this.

I am 5′ 8″ and Misty Blue jumps up close to my shoulders. She needs to stop jumping up and turning on my microwave, which could be dangerous. Microwave gate protected now.

Has your Shetland Sheepdog ever jumped the back yard fence?

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Shetland Sheepdog ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020 Posts
A Is For Active
B Is For Barking
C Is For Characteristics
D Is For Dental Care
E Is For Ear Tipping
F Is For Famous Shetland Sheepdogs
G Is For Grooming
H Is For Health Conditions
I Is For Ivermectin
J Is For Jumping
K Is For Kisses
L Is For Lilies and Other Poisonous Flowers
M Is For MDR1
N Is For Nose Work
O Is For Origin
P Is For Phenol
Q Is For Quarantine
R Is For Rainbow Bridge
S Is For Shedding
T Is For Traits
U Is For Unconditional Love
V Is For Veterinarian
W Is For Working Ability
X Is For Xylitol
Y Is For Yelling and Other Noises
Z Is For Zoomies

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