“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”

 -Ambrose Bierce

A is for Anger

Anger does not produce steam coming out of your ears as we have seen happen to cartoon characters, but this emotion can affect us in many ways.  Depending on the circumstances that have provoked us our anger level can range from mild annoyance to full blown rage.  So you might not see puffs of smoke coming out the sides of your head but a few physical reactions to anger can occur which are increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, or redness of the face to name a few.  We can become angry due to a multitude of circumstances.  Losing a loved one, injustice, or pain are just some of the ways anger can creep into our lives.  Anger can sometimes be helpful, giving us the strength to stand up for ourselves or it can lead us to make poor decisions. We all become angry, it is normal. But when anger rears its ugly head we must try to express our anger in healthy ways such as walking away from the situation and taking time to think or listening to calming music.  Anger that becomes out of control can be extremely dangerous.  It can lead to domestic violence or road rage.

Synonym of anger – outrage
Antonym of anger – calm

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  1. I felt anger today, it is horrible. Lovely post and you put great effort in to describing it, thank you for sharing with us, from a fellow A-z blogger. I look forward to tomorrows 🙂

  2. My sister also wrote about anger on her blog today, It’s a Joy. Anger, when used to cause positive action, is a useful emotion. And, yes, it can also get us into trouble!

    • It’s true that anger can sometimes be directed in a positive way. It can get us in trouble if we are angry and don’t think before we speak. I know I’ve said things I haven’t meant before in anger.

  3. You are right about anger affecting people. In UAE road rage is very common, tailgating, bullying and showing off often puts other people at jeopardy. Wish we would could all find a way to cool off and FAST 🙂

    • Would be nice if when someone is so out of control with anger that a bucket of water would come down on their head…lol That would be a fast way to cool off someone.

    • I agree, we have to learn manners as well.You are welcome. I wasn’t sure if I should add the book links but seems people have liked the idea. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

    • Thanks for sharing your post on anger. I have seen the effects of how destructive anger can be (not with me but someone else). Thank your husband for his service. I am a military mom (son and son-in-law are in the Navy) and was once upon a time a military wife.

    • Some people get angry very easily. I tend to let things slide until it gets too much and then I can get very angry! I think it’s better to deal with it as it comes and not let it build up.

  4. Anger is a subject I was just talking about yesterday. I believe the older you get the better some people become at controling their anger.

    Thanks for visiting my A to Z “Things My Husband Has Broken” at

    • My dad once told me that when you hit your 40’s and 50’s that things don’t upset you as much as they did when you were in your 20’s and 30’s. I’m now 56 and I have to agree with him! Your blog is very entertaining and I enjoy visiting it. Can’t wait to see what gets broken next week : )

  5. Anger is a good topic, and you handled it well. I discovered that my worst anger was really when my feelings were hurt, and if I dropped the defense then the anger dissipated considerably or completely. Even if I was in a situation where it was unwise to speak my hurt feelings, acknowledging them to myself helped a lot. I don’t usually share my blog on another’s page, but i wrote on the topic — I wanted to share it with you. Heart Opening and Clarity of Mind. I’ll be following you!

    • After reading your comment I have to say that I think I tend to get angry when my feelings are hurt also. Thanks for reading and commenting and also for following me!

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