Z Is For Zoomies (Shetland Sheepdog) ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzoomies. Many pet parents have seen this explosion of sudden energy in their Shetland Sheepdog (aka the Sheltie) or other breed of dog. Zoomies or Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAP) is a common behavior in canines when bursts of energy seem to come out of nowhere. Triggers can be excitement, after a bath, when they are playing or late at night. This episode of erratic running can last up to 20 minutes And it seems that zoomies can often be contagious, setting off another dog .

Zoomies help release any pent up energy and can help relieve stress. They can also be very entertaining to watch. However, accidents can happen so it’s important to make sure that your Sheltie (or other breed of dog) is in a safe place when a case of the Zoomies emerges. Frequent episodes can mean that a dog is bored, stressed or not getting enough stimulation, both mentally and physically.

Message from a Sheltie mom – I never knew this behavior even had a name, just thought Misty Blue was acting crazy…lol. She hasn’t had a zoomie episode in a while, but when she did it was hilarious. I think cats can get a case of the zoomies too. I say that because I had a cat (RIP Rabbit) who would, after pooping in her liter box, run down the stairs at high speed. This continued even to the age of 15.

Have you ever witnessed your Sheltie (or other dog breed) during a case of the Zoomies?

And just as fast as a zzzzzzzzzzzzzoomie, the A to Z Blogging Challenge is over! Thank you to all who read, liked and commented on my blog posts. I really appreciate it.

Please stay safe and well!

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Shetland Sheepdog ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020 Posts
A Is For Active
B Is For Barking
C Is For Characteristics
D Is For Dental Care
E Is For Ear Tipping
F Is For Famous Shetland Sheepdogs
G Is For Grooming
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T Is For Traits
U Is For Unconditional Love
V Is For Veterinarian
W Is For Working Ability
X Is For Xylitol
Y Is For Yelling and Other Noises
Z Is For Zoomies

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  1. Cats get the zoomies too. We always just called it “crazy cat.” Congratulations on finishing A to Z. This was an interesting topic even if you don’t have a Sheltie.

  2. Thank you for bringing attention to this subject that I was not even aware of having another name besides “the crazy 5 minutes”.
    It is the way animals process the chemical stress release in their bodies (caused by the bath, dream or other triggers). Just like animals ‘shake’ off their stress, it is good for humans too, to go for a jog or punch a bag when we have experienced stress. Trouble starts when we do not process our emotions properly and keep carrying the stress hormones in our body. Our immune system shuts down along with digestion and even our brain is not functioning rationally. Our breathing becomes shallow, starving our tissues and brain of oxygen. This all leads to inflammation in many shapes and if not addressed, ultimately we will see serious health issues develop 😉

  3. Yes, very well acquainted with zoomies. My bully mix and my little schnauzer run zoomies through the front yard a lot. What’s even more fun is when I say to them, “Run, run, run!” and off they go on their zoomies. I had a wonderfully crazy kitten who used to run zoonies in the house. Sometimes she would even miss the doorway and run into the wall. It sure would be nice to see pictures or videos of your sheltie along with the story….

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