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Mom Decides To Carry Anencephaly Baby To Full Term In Hopes of Donating Organs

PLUCKED FROM THE NEWS…Imagine that you and your significant other go to the doctor for your baby’s 19 week ultrasound. How exciting is that? Then you hear the word anencephaly and all your excitement is quickly replaced with a feeling of devastation. Anencephaly is a birth defect with serious consequences. This condition prevents normal development […]
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Heart Donor’s Daughter Walked Down The Aisle By Dad’s Heart Receipient

PLUCKED FROM THE NEWS…It’s stories such as this one that make me feel certain that choosing to be an organ and tissue donor is the right thing to do. In 2006, Michael Stepien, was robbed and shot in the head while walking home from work. As this 53 year old husband and father lay dying […]
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An Interview with Nicholas Bayfield – UK Brighton Film School Student and his plan for the documentary, September Sky

Dear Readers, As many of you know I have a blog, Birthday Twin Central, where I match people who share the exact birthday (month, day, and year). A few weeks ago I received an email from a Brighton Film School Student about his idea of making a documentary based on the similar characteristics of those […]
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April Is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month #KnowYourBalls

When I was asked by TommyJohn if I would consider writing an awareness blog post for Testicular Cancer I had never heard of this type of cancer before. I am a BIG awareness person and believe that there is a lot of power in education. And it is so important to share information on subjects […]
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Leftover Starbucks Food To Be Donated To The Needy

PLUCKED FROM THE NEWS….Many years ago I worked night shift at a McDonald’s in East Boston, Massachusetts. At that time it was against the law to distribute any leftover food so we had to throw it all away. I always thought this was such a shame, especially when right across from this restaurant was a […]
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Most Siblings Born On Leap Year

Originally posted on Birthday Twin Central:
February 29, or Leap Year, comes around every four years. Many people have been born on Leap Year, such as the baseball player, Al Rosen. On the years that there is no February 29th, those born on that day usually celebrate their birthday either on February 28th or March…

A Liver Donation That Leads To Love

PLUCKED FROM THE NEWS… Chris Dempsey overheard a conversation at work about a woman who needed a liver. The co-worker was talking about her cousin, Heather Krueger, who was dealing with stage 4 liver disease and needed a donor liver to save her life. Dempsey, a former Marine, decided to get tested in hopes that […]
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Woman Finds Message In A Bottle Launched From 2,400 Miles Away

PLUCKED FROM THE NEWS….When five year old twin girls, Lucie and Ellie Readings decided to place messages in empty wine bottles and toss them into the water, an idea they got from their mother, they never expected to hear from anyone. Both girls thought that their messages has been carried out to sea, and lost […]
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My Great Grandparents, Otto and Augusta Miller

In 1907, a ship arrived at Ellis Island. Aboard that ship was my great grandmother, Augusta Miller and her seven children. Unfortunately two of her children, twins under the age of one, died during that journey. Augusta came to the United States from Germany to join her husband, my great grandfather, Otto Miller who had […]
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Doctor Who Only Charged $5.00 For An Office Visit Dies

PLUCKED FROM THE NEWS…. On August 7, 2015 the town of Rushville, Illinois lost a beloved and very dedicated family physician, Dr. Russell Dohner who died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90. This WWII Army Veteran had used his G.I. Bill to attend Western Illinois University. After which, he continued his education […]
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Lethal Lottery-The Death Penalty

Originally posted on Plucking Of My Heartstrings:
Lethal Lottery ~ The Death Penalty In my country there exists a method of cruel and unusual punishment that is known to all as the death penalty.  Many condone this procedure on “an eye for an eye” philosophy.  But since when does killing someone for killing someone make…

Identity Thief Display At Gallery Show

Plucked From The News…. It didn’t take long after her wallet had been stolen at SF Camerawork that a photographer there became a victim of identity theft. Along with receiving bills for merchandise she had never purchased, Jessamyn Lovell, was also served with an unwarranted summons to appear in court on theft charges. So what […]
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Medical Marijuana For Pets?

Plucked From The News… A Senator from Nevada has decided to introduce into legislation a bill that would allow veterinarians to give medical marijuana cards for animals experiencing chronic or debilitating pain. Senator Richard “Tick” Segerblom’s (D) proposal to allow ailing pets this option is part of a larger bill that would also change some […]
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Was It An Act Of Divine Intervention?

Plucked From The News… When four police officers in Spanish Fork, Utah arrived at the scene of a partially submerged flipped car in an ice-cold river they heard a woman’s begging cries for help. Knowing there was no time left to spare, these police officers rushed into the frigid water and worked together to flip […]
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Was it worth losing a relationship with your son?

My child support has ended and I am left feeling sad. Not sad because there will be no more child support, my son is old enough to take care of himself now. And definitely not sad because that marriage ended, as I know it was the best thing for me. Sad that anger, jealousy, and […]
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The Ultimate Act Of Compassion ~ #1000Speak

When I signed up to join the #1000Speak movement and agreed to post an article about compassion I knew I wanted to write something unique. I wanted to find an act of compassion that ran so deep and that wasn’t often talked about. Compassion is an emotion that truly comes from the heart. It is […]
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The Heartbreak of Pediatric Cancer

Cancer runs rampant in my family. I have lost more relatives to this horrible disease than any other medical condition. Both my parents fought with everything in them to beat this monster, but the body can only take so much. My dad died of lung cancer in 1995; my mom of leukemia in 2011. My […]
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Things Are Not So Bad After All

After my dad died and we were cleaning out his apartment I noticed that the newspaper clipping that he had taped to his wall was still there.  It had been there about five years and it was such a fixture that I had hardly noticed it all these years.  But I did now.  I remember […]
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Should you share your online passwords with your significant other?

Relationships need a solid foundation to survive. Love, in my opinion, equals trust, loyalty, respect, and appreciation. But where does privacy fit in?  Would you hand the key to your personal diary to someone you love? Would you give your significant other the password to your online accounts such as Facebook? I believe that people […]
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Happy Memorial Day?

“We cherish too, the poppy red that grows on fields where valor led. It seems to signal to the skies that blood of heroes never dies.”   -Moina Michael I find it odd that the word happy would be used as an adjective to describe Memorial Day.  After all, there really isn’t anything happy about […]
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