The Heartbreak of Pediatric Cancer

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Cancer runs rampant in my family. I have lost more relatives to this horrible disease than any other medical condition. Both my parents fought with everything in them to beat this monster, but the body can only take so much. My dad died of lung cancer in 1995; my mom of leukemia in 2011.

My parents were a significant loss for me. Watching their struggle with cancer was difficult and the most heartbreaking experience I have even gone though. And yet, I believe that having to deal with a child diagnosed with cancer is far worse. It really breaks my heart to know that there are children who live every day with the ultimate challenge of pediatric cancer.

All children should be able to experience that “not a care in the world” attitude. Their lives should not have to be disrupted both physically and emotionally by this terrible demon. Their outings should not include a trip to have chemotherapy. Their sleep overs should be at a friend’s house, not in a hospital. This is the time they should be filled with optimism for a wonderful future, not shadowed with the possibility of never having one.

Not only does my heart break for these children but also for their parents. I don’t know if I could be strong enough to deal with a child of mine battling cancer, no matter what their age, but then again as parents we must be strong for our children. It must be such an overwhelming emotional feeling that is filled with such anxiety and stress.

From what I have read the disease that causes the most deaths in children in the United States is cancer.

We need to find a cure…NOW!

I was moved to tears when I saw the video, “Truly Brave” that Sara Bareilles and Cindy Lauper, along with a group of children battling cancer, made to help raise awareness and hopefully bring in donations for pediatric cancer. Hoba Kotb, a co-host for the Today Show got together with these two great singers and started a fundraiser with the proceeds going to grants for Pediatric cancer.

Please watch this video and donate if you can.

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  1. My dad died of non hodgkins lymphoma in 1995. He battled against it for fourteen months and did not want to leave this Earth. I hope someday there is a cure for all cancers. Meantime, I think we need to look at the causes and prevention of this horrible disease.

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