Musical Monday ~ Hits Of 1987


Welcome to Musical Monday! Music has been known to affect our emotions. Listening to music can make us happy or sad, relaxed or motivated, put us to sleep or make us want to dance. Music absolutely plucks at our heartstrings bringing to the surface a multitude of emotions.

Someone once described music to me as a time machine. When we listen it often transports us back to a place in time. A certain song can bring back feelings of someone we loved, our wedding day, someone who died, or any of the many important times in our lives.

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I am sad listening to a sad song often allows me to release that sadness. Happy songs tend to take away my sadness. It has helped motivate me to do housework. Yep, just crank up the radio or a music television station and I’m good to go. Warning: Be careful not to turn your music up too loud though. I have actually blown out the speakers in a television once doing this.

I have been known to start singing in a store when a song that I like comes on, I tend to sing along with songs while I am driving, and it isn’t unusual to see me moving to the music in my computer chair as I sit and listen to music.

This week I am posting Hits of 1987 . Please leave your favorite hit(s) of 1987 in the comments below. You may see your song posted in upcoming blog posts. Also please take the poll at the end of this post. And if you have enjoyed this blog post don’t forget to sign up to follow my blog so you’ll never miss a Musical Monday post. Follow buttons can be found on the right side of this blog. Thank you!

Graphic source:


Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You ~ Glenn Medeiros
YouTube Video Source: shawnyhc


Together Forever ~ Rick Astley
YouTube Video Source: RickAstleyVEVO


Could’ve Been ~ Tiffany
YouTube Video Source: aoitoritori


Where Do Broken Hearts Go ~ Whitney Houston
YouTube Video Source: whitneyhoustonVEVO


Hungry Eyes ~ Eric Carmen
YouTube Video Source: EricCarmnVEVO


Faith ~ George Michael
YouTube Video Source: georgemichaelVEVO


I Get Weak ~ Belinda Carlisle
YouTube Video Source: BelindaCarlisleVEVO


Wishing Well ~ Terence Trent D’Arby
YouTube Video Source: terencetrentVEVO


Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now ~ Starship
YouTube Video Source: StarshipVEVO


Always ~ Atlantic Star
YouTube Video Source: a6896023



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  1. Cheryl, WHAT A WEBSITE!!! Musical Mondays & Hits of 1987 is a sure hit! How you do it so thoroughly is beyond me!!! Google, Google, Google???? And thanks for the “Like” on my principal’s story about “The Snow Day”!!!! Phil from

    • Thank you Phil. I don’t know what I would do without Google…LOL Although I could write a list of songs that I listened to back in 1970’s- 1980’s I certainly don’t remember the actual year they were released. In my searching I have also found songs I totally forgot about. You are welcome for the LIKE. I just read and left a comment on another post of yours. Take care!

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