Mom Decides To Carry Anencephaly Baby To Full Term In Hopes of Donating Organs


PLUCKED FROM THE NEWS…Imagine that you and your significant other go to the doctor for your baby’s 19 week ultrasound. How exciting is that?

Then you hear the word anencephaly and all your excitement is quickly replaced with a feeling of devastation.

Anencephaly is a birth defect with serious consequences. This condition prevents normal development of the brain resulting in parts of the brain and skull missing. Almost all of these babies die shortly after being born.

When Keri Young was told that her unborn daughter, Eva, had anencephaly it didn’t take long for this remarkable woman to decide that she would carry the baby to full term in hopes of  donating Eva’s organs.

Her husband, Royce Young who is a writer for ESPN shared the ordeal on a Facebook post.

In my opinion I believe Keri to be a very courageous and compassionate woman. I absolutely support what she is doing.

What about you?



    • I agree Anne. I am not sure if I could do it. She must have such bitter/sweet emotions. Sad that her baby won’t live but happy that she will be able to give someone else a chance at life.

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