April Is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month #KnowYourBalls

father son When I was asked by TommyJohn if I would consider writing an awareness blog post for Testicular Cancer I had never heard of this type of cancer before. I am a BIG awareness person and believe that there is a lot of power in education. And it is so important to share information on subjects that could potentially take our lives, even the ones many don’t want to talk about.

The Know Your Balls Campaign is a great way to get the word out on the importance of Testicular Cancer. I know I may not have balls personally (although I’ve been told quite a few times over the years that I do); I do have people in my life that I love very much who actually carry this equipment.

Here are some statistics on Testicular Cancer:
It is the most common cancer in males ages 15 – 35.
It is a highly treatable cancer, with a 99% survival rate, with early detection.
Each day, one male is diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

Some of the signs of Testicular Cancer:
A lump or enlargement in either testicle
A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum
Pain or discomfort in a testicle or the scrotum

Some of the risks of Testicular Cancer:
Men who have a testicle that never descended, but a majority of men who develop Testicular Cancer don’t have a history of undescended testicles.
Increased risk if there is a family history.
More common in white men.

A personal message from me…

Dear Males,

Life is precious and those who love you want to see you around forever. We all know that is not possible. It’s devastating when someone we love dies. But when it is an untimely death that could have been prevented it makes it so much more painful to live with.

Testicular Cancer has a 99% success rate when caught early. I wish those I have lost to the atrocious disease of cancer (my mom, dad, paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather) were give those odds!

So please, perform regular self-examinations and take notice. And if you think something might be wrong, don’t put off seeing a doctor.

And to the dads out there….

When it comes time to talk to your son about the birds and the bees, this is probably the time to talk to them about Testicular Cancer, as well. Inform them of the signs and symptoms. Let them know that if they have any questions or concerns of their own, that you are there to listen and help. I say dads because many boys wouldn’t want to talk to their moms about this.

And if you have an adult son and have not talked about Testicular Cancer, now is the time to do it.


I believe that all of us, both men and women, can raise the height of Testicular Cancer Awareness to the place where no male will ever have to die from this disease again!

Together we can nip Testicular Cancer in the balls!


TommyJohn would like to offer you a chance to win a $25 credit for some TommyJohn underwear.

To enter just share one of the cards below on Intagram using #KnowYourBalls and tag someone that you feel would be interested in being made aware of Testicular Cancer.

Then follow @TommyJohnWear and @TesticularCancerFoundation.

Wishing you lots of luck!!

father sondetectable 2ball survivalball 2499 percent
Reference: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/testicular-cancer/basics/definition/con-20043068


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