Was It An Act Of Divine Intervention?

Divine Intervention, Angels

Plucked From The News…

When four police officers in Spanish Fork, Utah arrived at the scene of a partially submerged flipped car in an ice-cold river they heard a woman’s begging cries for help. Knowing there was no time left to spare, these police officers rushed into the frigid water and worked together to flip the vehicle. It was the pleading calls for help that motivated these men to work quicker and harder to rescue whoever was trapped inside.

Found in the vehicle were 25 year old Lynn Groesbec who had been killed in the car crash hours before and her 18 month old baby Lily Groesbeck who was alive but unconscious. Lily had hung upside down in her car seat for nearly fourteen hours.

Lily has made an astonishing recovery.

The rescuers say that the voice that they heard calling for help was not that of an 18 month old baby. The voice was that of a grown woman.

Lynn Groesbec had not been alive for hours when her daughter was rescued. So who’s voice was calling for help? Was this an act of Divine Intervention?

I believe it was….

Do you believe in Divine Intervention?



  1. Many years ago when my mother was dying i heard a voice as I was reading a book before bedtime, it said, ‘don’t worry’, a few years later i fell on hard times and I found myself in a hotel that was particularly dangerous, one day standing outside his room a young man said to me ‘don’t worry’, i never saw him again…

  2. Oh my goodness. Chills went up and down my spine when I read this. A divine intervention of a mother’s love. So strong and powerful. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl

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