Blogging From A To Z April (2016) Challenge Posts ~ Non-ProfitCharities/Organizations (Condensed Version)

A2016 A Is For
A Kids Brain Tumor Cure

B2016 B Is For
B Is For Bad Conservation International

C2016 C Is For
C Is For Cadasil Association

D2016 D Is For
D Is For Dads Make A Difference

E2016 E Is For
E Is For Eagle Mount

F2016 F Is For
F Is For Face Forward

G2016 G Is For
G Is For Gateway Cancer Research

H2016 H Is For
H Is For Hadley Institute For The Blind And Visually Impaired

I2016 I Is For
I Is For Immediate Justice

J2016 J Is For
J Is For Junction Of Hope

K2016 K Is For
K Is For Kidsafe Foundation

L2016 L Is For
L Is For Lily’s Legacy

M2016 M Is For
M Is For Minding Your Mind

N2016 N Is For
N Is For National Association Of Injured And Disabled Workers

O2016 O Is For
O Is For One Simple Wish

P2016 P Is For
P Is For Push To Walk

Q2016 Q Is For
Q Is For Quest Bridge

R2016 R Is For
R Is For Running Start

S2016 S Is For
S Is For Saving Innocence

T2016 T Is For
T Is For Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund

U2016 U Is For
U Is For U.S. Pain Foundation

V2016 V Is For
V Is For Volunteer Lawyers Network

W2016 W Is For
W Is For Wreaths Across America

X2016 X Is For
X Is For Xela.Aid

Y2016 Y Is For
Y Is For Youth Farm

Z2016 Z Is For
Z Is For Zooville



    • Hi Debbie. It’s hard to keep up with everything the A to Z Challenge has you do. I did finish my posts but boy did I get behind in keeping up with my comments here and with reading, liking and commenting on other A to Z blog posts. I’m almost caught up and it only took me a month…lol Next year I need to plan better : ) Take care.

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