U Is For U.S. Pain Foundation #AtoZChallenge

U2016 U.S. Pain Foundation


Founded in 2006 by Paul Gileno, U.S. Pain Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created by people who deal with chronic pain to advocate for those who suffer from constant pain.

This non-profit offers free membership, support groups, advocacy workshops, online communities and more.

The team at U.S.Pain Foundation know how chronic pain can often hinder the life of a person that deals with ongoing pain on a daily basis. They know how important it is to feel understood and their goal is to help patients with support, advocate for proper care, and offer tools to empower.

According to their twitter account, every day 46 Americans die due to prescription overdose. An article written by Paul Gileno, Opinion: Opioid Caused Deaths – What We Can Learn, can be found on this non-profits twitter page.

In 2010, the INvisible Project, a flagship program of U.S. Pain Foundation was established. It’s purpose is to create chronic pain awareness with the use of photography and stories. This project has become a huge success.

You can make a donation to this non-profit by
Credit/Debit Card

Great Non-Profits
American Academy of Pain Management
Pain Pathway Magazine

*Disclaimer – This post is for general information only and part of the Blogging From A-to-Z Challenge (April 2016). I am not affiliated with or endorse this non-profit organization. Please use caution when donating online.
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