A is for A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure #AtoZChallenge

A2016 A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure


Founded in 2007, A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure PLGA Foundation, focuses on funding for scientific research and cures for pediatric brain cancers. They offer many resources pertaining to brain cancer such as information and medical research.

According to their website the most common cancer in children (0-14 years) in the United States is brain and central nervous system tumors. They also state that brain cancer is the most common cause of solid tumor cancer death in children.

This non-profit offers support in many different ways, including online yahoo and Facebook groups.

You can make a donation to this non-profit by:
Donating online or through the mail
Community fundraising
Donating your vehicle
Click Here For More Ways To Donate

Great Non-Profits
Health On The Net
The International Brain Tumor Alliance
Grey Ribbon Crusade
Independent Charities of America
Coalition Against Childhood Cancer
Children’s Medical and Research Charities of America

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*Disclaimer – This post is for general information only and part of the Blogging From A-to-Z Challenge (April 2016). I am not affiliated with or endorse this non-profit organization. Please use caution when donating online.



  1. I knw a family here who had a little girl with brain cancer. I lost touch with them a while back, but the last I heard she was in remission and doing well. Cost them a fortune, though, both in money and time. Anything to speed up the process and get kids cancer-free and their families back to normal is a good thing.

  2. This weekend in New Orleans is Hogs for the Cause, a barbecue fundraiser for pediatric brain cancer patients. Yesterday was a total rain out. I saw a news interview with one of the cooking participants who was discouraged by the weather situation, until he went to a meeting to discuss alternate plans. That’s when a man spoke to the group about his daughter, her battle, and how important the event is to his family and others. The group decided to cancel last night’s festivities and forge ahead today. We have gorgeous weather today, and I’m sure the event will be a huge success. There are so many messages in there. 🙂

  3. Cancer is a nasty beast, especially when attacking children or young people. It would be great if “they” were to find a “cure for cancer”. Unfortunately, there are sooo many different kinds of cancer and they affect every person differently as well. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl!

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

  4. While I have not been touched by pediatric brain cancer personally, I do have hydrocephalis or fluid on the brain, which I’ve at least had since birth, although it wasn’t picked up until my mid-20s. I recently was researching Roald Dahl for the A-Z Challenge which Cheryl here is participating in. It is not commonly known that Roald Dahl helped invent an early version of the Shunt, which is used to brain excess CFS fluid from the brain. His son’s pram was hit by a taxi when he was only 4 months old and he developed hydrocephalis.
    However, Dahl’s experiences with the neurology began when he had a plane crash during WWII and fractured his own skull. Moreover, his wife actress Patricia Neale had a burst aneurism which cause a stroke and Dahl developed a complex and demanding rehab scedule which got her back into acting.
    I share this here in case anybody affect by neuro troubles is looking for inspiration. You can read my full post here: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/d-roald-dahl-letters-to-dead-poets-atozchallenge/
    I would like to send my heart felt best wishes and prayers to anyone affected by similar challenges.It is such a lonely, terrifying road but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    xx Rowena

    • I am sorry that you have to deal with fluid on the brain. Thank you for sharing the interesting information on Roald Dahl. I have put the link you sent me in favorites and will check it out tomorrow. Take care.

      • Thanks very much, Cheryl. It was certainly a weird and challenging journey. As research into neuroplasticity continues, I am finding out more and more about some of the quirkier things I experienced, which has also been quite fascinating. Of course, I’m very thankful that I’m doing so well xx Rowena

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