A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2018 #AtoZChallenge


This blogging challenge is by far my favorite! I have thoroughly enjoyed every year that I have participated (since 2014) and always look forward to the next.

This year I have been contemplating on whether to participate or not. Recently, after an ER visit  it was found that my son-in-law had a tumor the size of a golf ball on his spinal cord. It was removed the other day and biopsy results will be available in about a week.

My son in law is only 38. He and my daughter have been married close to 20 years and have six children. Could you please keep them all in your prayers?

 I have signed up for the challenge and will try my best to participate, but I will be heading down to Virginia at the end of this month to help out and support my family in this trying time.  I am going to do my best but I may not be able to start this challenge or finish it.

With that said, I’d like to inform those who have never heard of the Blogging From A-to-Z Challenge what it is all about.  Every April (since 2010) bloggers from all walks of life participate in this challenge by posting every day of the month, except Sunday.  When you take Sunday out of the equation that leaves 26 days. There are 26 letters in the alphabet.  So how this blogging challenge works is April 1 would be a post about something that starts with A, April 2 would be a post about something that starts with B, ect….This year since April 1st starts on a Sunday that is when the challenge will begin and will be the only Sunday in which a blog post would be required. Bloggers can choose a theme or just randomly post.

You can find my past A-to-Z Challenge posts below. Click on the link if you’d like to check out the blog posts.

 2014 – Emotions
2015 – Non-Profit Charities/Organizations
2016 – Non-Profit Charities/Organizations 
2017 – Facebook Support Groups

This year, since I am now a Princess House Consultant, I decided to use this blogging opportunity as a way to advertise my new business. So my theme will be the A-to-Z of Princess House. There are so many people who have never heard of this company, This will allow those who don’t know of its existence the chance to be informed of not only a great business but a great business opportunity as well.

Good luck to those participating!

To those who would like to participate please go to the the Blogging From A-to-Z website for information.



  1. I’ve decided this year that I’ll participate in a non-official way since trying to keep up each year usually fell at a challenging time which made me feel stressed!

    So, I’ll be looking at other people’s posts and see if something particularly inspires me to write, and trying to be supportive through comments!

    I’ve just spent a lot of time migrating 50 of my best posts to my new website, and have polished them up or changed some of titles to keep them current. Many of those were originally from past A to Z challenges, so I know this challenge yields good things! I’m going to focus my mind on creating another book! 😉

    Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor!!

    Peace, Tamara

    • Sorry that you won’t be participating. I know what you mean about challenging times! Going through things myself right now and not sure if I will be able to participate or even finish the blog challenge. Maybe you’ll be able to participate next year. Take care.

    • Thank you. We are hoping for good news as well. I used to sell Princess House back in the 80’s. Have a whole hutch filled!! The company has changed since then and doesn’t sell much crystal products anymore : (

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