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A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2018 #AtoZChallenge

This blogging challenge is by far my favorite! I have thoroughly enjoyed every year that I have participated (since 2014) and always look forward to the next. This year I have been contemplating on whether to participate or not. Recently, after an ER visit  it was found that my son-in-law had a tumor the size […]
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Facebook Event ~ Online Sharing of Non Profit Organizations #AtoZChallenge

In an effort to raise more awareness of the non-profit organizations that I will be blogging about I have created a Facebook Event. If you would like to join please visit Facebook Event – Online Sharing Of Non Profit Organizations Good luck to all in the challenge! Cheryl

A-to-Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2016

    Ever since I began participating in the A-to-Z Challenge (this will be my third year) it seems the years have gone by much more quickly. At my age, years going by at an even faster rate is not something you look forward to! So, after much thought I have decided to no longer […]
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Blogging From A to Z April (2015) Challenge Posts ~ Non-Profit Charities/Organizations (Condensed Version)

The Blogging From A to Z April Challenge (a-to-z challenge) is a yearly event where bloggers commit to posting every day in the month of April (except for Sunday). My theme for this year, although you don’t have to use a theme, was non-profit charities/organizations. Most of these I had never heard of before I […]
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