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The mission of earthjustice.org is to enforce laws that protect the health of people, to safeguard wildlife and their habitat, and to fight climate change by moving forward with clean energy. As of today, Earth Justice has 93 attorneys who are hard at work to obtain their goals.

Focus Areas Of Earth Justice


In 1976, Earth Justice filed a lawsuit to protect endangered wildlife. This was the first lawsuit of this kind. One of their main goals is to protect and restore animal habitat. Earth Justice is hard at work reducing wildlife extinction by using laws such as The Endangered Species Act and The Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Wild Lands

Protecting, through litigation, wild lands and water in order to sustain for the future. Earth Justice is working to decrease destruction of wild lands due to things such as deforestation and developments.

The Ocean Ecosystem
Working to obtain a healthy ocean ecosystem. Ensuring, through litigation, that those who pollute or who perform any harmful fishing practices are held accountable. Engaged in reducing environmental stressors such as pollution.

The Arctic

Working to protect endangered species, such as the polar bear. Engaged in stopping oil and gas drilling that could destroy this ecosystem with dangerous carbon emissions.

Clean Air

Throughout the country, Earth Justice is hard at work enforcing laws such as the Clear Air Act in order to improve air quality.

Clean Water
Protecting our water resources by use of the Clean Water Act. Making certain that polluted waters are being cleaned up.

Pesticides & Toxic Chemicals

Fighting hard through litigation to block or limit the use of dangerous chemicals that are being used in our environment.

Climate Change

Working on protecting the ecosystem in a multitude of ways, such as cutting carbon by defending national and global rules.

Oil & Gas Drilling

Advocating for the protection of wild lands from the devastating impact of fracking.


To stop coal industry and invest in clean, renewable sources of energy which will protect our health, air, and water.

Clean Energy

Working with advocates to increase the investment of clean energy resources such as wind and solar.


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*Disclaimer – This post is for general information only and part of the Blogging From A-to-Z Challenge (April 2015). I am not affiliated with or endorse this charity. Please use caution when donating to online charities.



  1. This is a great theme, and your choices for your posts are interesting. I’ve not read all yet, skimming for time pressures, so apologies for fly-by visiting. I’m not in position of being able to donate unfortunately ,but it’s still informative. When I’ve time to explore from your posts better and find out more about some like this charity and others, I will. Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    • I know the feeling of fly-by visiting. I think the biggest challenge is keeping up with reading and commenting on blogger’s posts. I’ve been doing great with keeping up with the post for the day (and I didn’t pre-write) but I am way behind in visiting other A-to-Z participants blogs. I’m trying though! Thanks for stopping by.

      • I enjoy a look at the charities you’re choosing 🙂 Blog-hopping does take ages doesn’t it and there’s so many excellent responses. I’m not happy with my efforts but just about keeping up and learning lots along the way 🙂 Best wishes

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