One Little Boy

brown teddy bear

One little boy while he sleeps holds tightly a brown teddy bear that his dad bought when he was born and dreams of days when he was made to feel special.

One little boy grasps on to memories of times that he and his dad were inseparable.  He remembers piggy backs, ice-cream cones, bike rides, and just being together.

One little boy not understanding how someone who loved him so seems to be drifting away.  What has he done?

One little boy who needs answers to his questions.  Hoping to hear words that will make the sadness that is deep inside go away and be filled once again with knowing that he is truly special.

One little boy who feels that he has been left out and forgotten by a person he calls dad.

One little boy who prays every night that one day things will change.  He’s tried so hard to change them but after-all….

He is only one little boy.

© Cheryl Wright 2014



  1. I hope this one little boy has a Mom who reassures him everyday that strength and beauty live inside. No Dad can ever take those things away. Beautiful and heartfelt. I hope his father grows up soon before the little boy does. xo

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