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B Is For Bat Conservation International #AtoZChallenge

Bat Conservation International http://www.batcon.org/ Founded in 1982, Bat Conservation International is an organization dedicated to preserving a most valuable resource, the bat, and protecting their habitat. Bats are beneficial to the environment in many ways. Some bats receive their nourishment by eating insects, such as mosquitoes and other bugs that destroy crops. Others pollinate banana, […]
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E Is For ~EarthJustice.org

http://www.earthjustice.org https://www.facebook.com/Earthjustice/timeline https://twitter.com/earthjustice BBB Accredited The mission of earthjustice.org is to enforce laws that protect the health of people, to safeguard wildlife and their habitat, and to fight climate change by moving forward with clean energy. As of today, Earth Justice has 93 attorneys who are hard at work to obtain their goals. Focus Areas […]
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