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BBB Accredited

The mission of JuniorBlind.org is to help the blind or visually impaired by offering no cost programs so that independence can be achieved. Serving California.

Southern California Programs
Children’s Services

Offers in-home services to infants which are designed to help with increasing visual functioning, sensory awareness, and much more.

Offers family support groups and educational workshops as well as a multitude of other programs.

Offers a highly structured and nurturing residential program for sighted children with serious life threatening medical conditions or serious mental health challenges.

Offers a Special Education school for children and youth ages 5-21 who are blind, visually impaired a place that works to bring about confidence and independence.

Offers free of charge vision screenings and other support to low income pre school and elementary school children.

Offers an after school enrichment program that integrates both blind, visually impaired or disabled with their sighted peers.

Offers group homes with round the clock care for youth ages 5-21 with moderate, severe, and profound disabilities.

Offers to all children a variety of emotional and behavioral services.

Youth and Adult Services

Offers a REACH mentoring initiative where middle and high school students will get help with continuing their education after high school

Offers teens and young adults help with identifying what their areas of career interest are through their Student Transition and Enrichment Program.

Offers those aged 18 and older who are blind or visually impaired a program that teaches the skills they need to have a productive life.

Offers training to those aged 18 and older who are blind or visually impaired training in technology skills with their Advanced Assistive Technology Training program.

Offers training to blind and visually impaired Veterans so they can learn the skills they need to regain their independence.

Offers blind or visually impaired the tools it takes to become successfully employed.

Offers to those blind and visually impaired a program that provides career opportunities and employment.

Recreation Services
Offers free of charge to blind, vision impaired or multi-disabled children a summer at Camp Bloomfield.

Offers teens who are blind or visually impaired a three day learning adventure, Visions: Adventures in Learning.

Offers students in grades 2 -12 a sport especially created for blind or visually impaired athletes, Junior Blind Goalball Program

Central and Northern California Programs

Children’s Services

Offering in home services for blind infants and preschool children.

Youth and Adult Services
Offers a REACH mentoring initiative where middle and high school students will get help with continuing their education after high school

Offers a program called The Hatlen Center Program where blind and visually impaired can live in their own apartment and on their own.

Offers young adults ages 16-22 and adults 22 and older who are blind or visually impaired training and rehabilitation to advance their careers, education, or life skills.

Recreation Services
For upcoming recreational opportunities pleas contact program manager.


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  1. I have a friend we met over 40 years ago who was born blind. She is amazing and so intuitive and sensitive that she leads a super full life and is a brilliant example to us all.

    • THANK YOU for all you do! I am the recipient of a corneal transplant and know how important your resources can be. Also thank you for taking the time to comment on this post, it means a lot to me.

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