I Is For ~ International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW.org)


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The mission of the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW.org) is to make this world a safer place for animals by rescuing and protecting them. They have been providing assistance to animals all over the world since 1969.

Helping Dogs And Cats
IFAW helps in a multitude of ways, such as offering dogs and cats veterinary care in disadvantaged communities around the world.

Saving Seals
IFAW has been fighting since 1969 to stop the brutal slaughter of seals around the world. In their efforts to protect seals they have been working diligently to stop the trade of seal products .

Defending Whales
IFAW continues to campaign against commercial whaling. Although there is a global ban on this, whales are still being harpooned.

Protecting Elephants
IFAW is protecting elephants in many ways, from saving elephant habitats to raising awareness campaigns of the cruelty of elephant poaching for ivory.

Animal Rescue
When an animal around the world is in distress, IFAW sends an emergency team out to help with the situation.

Saving The Last Tigers
With the threat of extinction IFAW is working to secure wild tiger habitats and to stop tiger poaching in an effort to protect these wild animals from elimination.

Fighting Wildlife Trafficking
IFAW is doing whatever they can to end wild life trafficking. In an effort to reduce demand of wildlife products IFAW educates consumers about the cruelty caused by wildlife trade.

IFAW offers tools and resources to teachers and students to help educate people about animals and their environment.

Political Advocacy
IFAW protects animals with international law and policy. They advocate for animal protection laws.


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*Disclaimer – This post is for general information only and part of the Blogging From A-to-Z Challenge (April 2015). I am not affiliated with or endorse this charity. Please use caution when donating to online charities.



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