Your Note! – By Brynn Trevino

I just had to reblog! This was written by my granddaughter, Brynn Trevino, and as you can see posted on the Kempsville High School Creative Magazine website. She has been writing poems and songs since she first learned to form letters. I am so proud of her!!

KHS Montage

I reread your note after 3 minutes had passed
I sit on the couch and watch the news
I stand and stretch and look at the clock
3 hours are gone
dialing your number, but it just rings
left a message, i love you.
I get in my car and drive around town.
your boss says you left
your friends don’t know
my eyes start to water
I sit in traffic waiting to move
your note wrinkled in my hand
I visit the cemetery
rain overhead
your note now soggy and cannot be read.
I place it down on you now under the soil
3 months had dragged by
and I found you
I saw you on the news and across the highway
but today I found you
your note saying
“i’ll see you in a few”

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