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Heaven - promised land, immortality, glory, happiness, kingdom, utopia, eternal rest, eternal home, kingdom come, life everlasting, pearly gates
Paradise Court Apartments

Paradise Court Apartments located at 7 Life Everlasting Lane could be the Promised Land you have been searching for. Surrounded by breathtaking pearly gates our one and two bedroom apartments are incomparable to any other rental properties. All apartments are fully furnished with divine décor in an array of colors so beautiful it is awe-inspiring. All streets and driveways in this complex have been paved in pure gold. The colors of the landscape are stunning. A choir of angels can be heard throughout the premises. All residences live in harmony and love thy neighbor. Living at Paradise Court Apartments is living in beauty beyond imagination. Make this your eternal home.

Hell - eternal home of damnation, purgatory, agony, anguish, Hades, torment, bottomless pit, everlasting fire, fire and brimstone
Lake Of Fire Apartments

Lake of Fire Apartments located at 666 Brimstone Place is the bottomless pit of apartment complexes. Surrounded by a massive lake of fire our one and two bedroom apartments are an excellent place of torment. To be a resident here all you have to do is sell your soul. Blood-curdling screams of agony are often heard. This terrifying place of darkness offers suffering to those condemned to an eternal life of damnation. This is one hot place!

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