Plucking Of My Heartstrings One Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today I published my very first blog post on this site.  I have learned so much about blogging over this past year, although I still consider myself very much a blogger in training.

A very sincere THANK YOU to all those who have followed me this past year, either by blog, Facebook, or Twitter.  I appreciate your taking the time to read my blog posts, leave comments, or like a blog post.

I have been very lucky to have connected with so many creative and supportive fellow bloggers.  I have laughed, cried, been entertained, and educated by reading the words written by very gifted bloggers/writers who have made me feel welcome in the world of blogging.  Thank you!

Health problems interfered with my being as active a blogger as I would have liked to have been this past year.  There were times I thought I should just give up and delete my blogs.  I’m glad that I hung in there!  I am hoping that this will be a better year for me health wise.

I’m ready for another year with hopes for a more productive year than the year before!


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Blog Posts Written – 62

Hits – 6, 402

Followers – 565

Facebook Followers – 877

Twitter Followers – 46

Best Day For Views/Visitors – April 16, 2014 (Views – 141) (Visitors 57)

Views By Country

Country Views
United States 4,756
United Kingdom 335
Canada 188
Brazil 172
India 144
Australia 93
Philippines 73
South Africa 40
Germany 40
Hong Kong 35
Ireland 32
Switzerland 31
Spain 27
Singapore 26
Malaysia 24
Netherlands 21
United Arab Emirates 17
Mexico 14
Italy 14
Pakistan 13
Argentina 13
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic 11
Portugal 11
Poland 10
Saudi Arabia 9
Romania 9
Thailand 9
France 8
Sweden 8
Colombia 8
Greece 8
Norway 7
Israel 7
Taiwan 7
Ecuador 7
Trinidad and Tobago 7
New Zealand 7
Morocco 6
Serbia 6
Indonesia 6
Egypt 6
Nigeria 6
Slovenia 5
Peru 5
Estonia 5
Chile 5
Turkey 4
Bulgaria 4
Republic of Korea 3
Bahamas 3
Lebanon 3
Qatar 3
Venezuela 3
Jamaica 3
Czech Republic 3
Panama 3
Russian Federation 3
Zimbabwe 2
Lithuania 2
Algeria 2
Iceland 2
Kenya 2
Tunisia 2
Malta 2
Puerto Rico 2
Belgium 2
Latvia 2
Denmark 2
Japan 2
Jersey 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
Uruguay 1
Iraq 1
Croatia 1
Finland 1
Aruba 1
Oman 1
Belarus 1
China 1
Austria 1
Cambodia 1
Belize 1
Bangladesh 1
Grenada 1
Luxembourg 1
Costa Rica 1
Sri Lanka 1
Nicaragua 1
El Salvador 1
Fiji 1
Ghana 1
Cyprus 1
Mozambique 1


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  1. I am so glad you havn’t given up on blogging we will always be here for you and i am sure you will find enjoyment here no matter what the gaps are inbetween should you need to take a break at some point(s). I have had my moments with pain and standing/writing doesn’t help at times, but i get enough from this to continue and its given me a lifeline prior where i had none and I wouldnt have met wonderfu people ilke you. Happy New Year lovely lady xxx

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