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Was it worth losing a relationship with your son?

My child support has ended and I am left feeling sad. Not sad because there will be no more child support, my son is old enough to take care of himself now. And definitely not sad because that marriage ended, as I know it was the best thing for me. Sad that anger, jealousy, and […]
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One Little Boy

One little boy while he sleeps holds tightly a brown teddy bear that his dad bought when he was born and dreams of days when he was made to feel special. One little boy grasps on to memories of times that he and his dad were inseparable.  He remembers piggy backs, ice-cream cones, bike rides, […]
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Our Master Link

The birth of Billy brought with it not only happiness but a very special bond.  Being born into a blended family his presence now connected us all.  Billy was the link that held us all together.  He was our master link. What started out as a family with not much in common grew with each […]
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