Our Master Link

family linked together

The birth of Billy brought with it not only happiness but a very special bond.  Being born into a blended family his presence now connected us all.  Billy was the link that held us all together.  He was our master link.

What started out as a family with not much in common grew with each achievement our master link would accomplish.  Together we watched him grow, walk, talk, and do things that would make us all laugh.  Our lives were changed forever.  Did this little boy ever realize just how important he was?

Only a child, yet he possessed the strength to hold a family together.  Every beat of his unconditional heart, every touch of his tiny hand, every glance of love twinkling from his eyes always seemed to tighten the love that he wrapped around us all.  He loved us and through him our love was adjoined.

Over the years his love continued to unite us.  But some things just cannot pass the test of time.  It was never the mater link that gave away due to life’s problems but two links that rusted, wore away, and fell apart.

And although his dad and I are divorced now no court document will ever sever this union.  A little boy who we all love, a little boy who helped us all find each other, a little boy who continues to hold together a family, yet we are torn apart, a little boy who will forever be….our master link.

FOOTNOTE:  I first wrote this in 2000 for a website called ThemeStream that is not around anymore.  I was going through a divorce at the time. I decided to share it here on my blog as I really believe in the concept of it.  A divorce should only be the dissolving of the marriage.  Parents should always love their children more than they dislike their former spouse  or other parent and should remain at least civil for the benefit of children involved. Children should not be kept away from the other parent, even if that parent is a step-parent, because of spite. Siblings, even if not blood related, should be allowed to continue their relationship. Sad how some people don’t see it that way!

© Cheryl Wright 2014


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