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Real Neat Blog Award

___________________________________________________________________________ I am so far behind in blogging award nominations but am working on catching up! Thank you to Shruti for this nomination of the Real Neat Blog Award (July 2017).  Shruti is such an awesome writer so please check out her blog, Mind Panorama. Rules of the Real Neat Blog Award Put the award […]
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Versatile Bloggers Award #5

Thank you to Victor of Victor Writes Everything  for nominating me (quite a while ago) for my 5th…yes 5TH Versatile Bloggers Award.  As his blog title says, Victor publishes a variety of different subject matter. You really should check out his blog! The rules for accepting this award are as follows: You have to thank the person […]
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My Third Versatile Blogger Award!!

Thank you to Kim L Hine of https://kimlhine.wordpress.com for presenting me with this awesome award (and green is my favorite color). It will proudly be placed on my Awards and Accomplishment Page. https://pluckingofmyheartstrings.com/awards-accomplishments/ This is my third Versatile Blogger Award and I am as thrilled as the first time I received one. Thank you Kim!! […]
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Nagzilla’s Star Of Excellence Award

Wow! It is such an honor to be among this years winners of the 1st Annual Nagzilla’s Star of Excellence Award. I will proudly display this on my Awards and Accomplishment page. Thank you SO much!! You can visit this awesome blog at: https://nagzilla.wordpress.com/