#Bloganuary Writing Prompt ~ If You Had A Billion US Dollars How Would You Spend It ~ January 13, 2023

Well, I would probably still be couponing. And I certainly wouldn’t be living like a typical billionaire.

I’d buy a small house with a lot of land for gardening. And a car that I wouldn’t have to get AAA for.

I’d help out my family.

And then, I would start a non-profit.

My organization would be for people who would need a temporary place to leave their pets. I am talking about people like those who go into the military. Elderly who may have to go into the hospital or rehab for a while. A woman needing to hide from an abusive relationship. A family being evicted. Homeless people.

It would be free and there would be visitation allowed.

How wonderful it would be for these people to have this option and not have to think about giving up their beloved pet to a shelter.

I would set up as many as I could around the United States.


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