#Bloganuary Writing Prompt ~ What Chore Do You Find The Most Challenging ~ January 12, 2023

I LOVE cleaning. Really should have started my own cleaning company when I was younger. That would have been a job I would have enjoyed. These days, I still love to clean, only I do it much slower, so it takes me longer.

But there is one cleaning chore that I really do not like to do. In fact, I will put it off till I have no chose but to clean it. That’s the oven!

I think it’s the only cleaning task that I don’t keep up with, like I should. It always takes so much elbow grease and is sooooo time consuming. It’s definitely a challenge getting all that grease and grim build up out of there.

Back in the day I would use conventional oven cleaners, which was also a reason I hated cleaning this kitchen appliance. The smell of those chemicals made me nauseous. And I often wondered if they got into the food we would put in the oven.

It will probably always be the chore I least want to do. Only these days I use natural cleaners, so no more harsh chemicals to deal with.

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