#Bloganuary ~ What Is Your Preferred Mode Of Travel ~ January 14, 2023

When I was younger and lived in the Boston area, the way I got around was street running trains that, if you were going a certain way, went underground. Today I wouldn’t like the hustle and bustle these modes of travel would bring.

I flew on an airplane just once and that is all I will say about that.

I would have to say that my preferred mode of travel would either be by car or Greyhound bus. I say this because my best travel memories were spent sitting in these land vehicles.

Every road trip via car or Greyhound bus has always been an adventure. Meeting new people along the way is always fun. And traveling at ground level allows for great sight-seeing.



  1. If money was no object I would travel business class flights and sleep while travelling. That of course is for long distance travel to Europe from Australia. As that is not really an option I think I prefer car travel over train as you can stop when you like. When we tow the caravan to Queensland in the winter my husband drives as I’m not happy about towing in traffic with huge trucks passing by at close quarters. When I travel to Sydney from my home I prefer the train because I can read and look at the scenery with no stress.

  2. I love travelling over land. It’s the best way to see the world outside . But more than the bus or car, I prefer trains. They are faster and you meet so many interesting people along the way . And you can get up and move around. In Indian trains, long distance travels means sharing food and stories with Co-passengers who sometimes become lifelong friends

  3. Ideally I prefer travelling by air. However since I love to travel, I’ll take whatever is available. Travel and see!

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