#Bloganuary Writing Prompt ~ Write about something mysterious ~ January 19, 2022

After attending his grandfather’s funeral, Don Decker decided to spend the night at a friends house. While there Don fell into some sort of a trance. Simultaneously, drops of water began to drip down the ceiling and walls in the living room.

Thinking there was a plumping problem, the friend and his wife called the landlord. Come to find out, there were no pipes in that part of the house. The water seemed to be coming from nowhere. Not knowing what to do, the landlord called the police. Police were puzzled.

Don’s friend and wife took Don across the street to a restaurant. The landlord stayed behind and noticed that after the three left, the dripping ceased.

While at the restaurant, the same phenomenon began to happen. All of a sudden water started dripping from the ceiling. When they left, it stopped.

This incident was aired on February 10, 1993 on the show Unsolved Mysteries.


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