Medical Marijuana For Pets?


Plucked From The News…

A Senator from Nevada has decided to introduce into legislation a bill that would allow veterinarians to give medical marijuana cards for animals experiencing chronic or debilitating pain.

Senator Richard “Tick” Segerblom’s (D) proposal to allow ailing pets this option is part of a larger bill that would also change some medical marijuana laws in the state of Nevada. Other revisions are geared toward the human use of medical marijuana such as training for dispensary owners and motorists not being penalized for having marijuana in their system.

But is marijuana as effective at alleviating pain in animals as it seems to in humans?

Although Senator Segerblom has voiced concern that some animals might have adverse reactions to medical marijuana he has been quoted as saying, “you don’t know until you try.”

What do you think? Should medical marijuana be an option for animals? Would you consider giving it to your beloved pet?



      • I’ll have to eventually ask mine, as well, but I suspect many, if not most, are as much in the dark as we are. Given that the drug is still illegal in most places (the medical form is legal in this state) it probably wasn’t discussed in school. Still, it might be on their radar now and it’d be a good conversation to initiate.

  1. Firstly, this is going to be entirely abused by some owners. How many people are going to use their pets to get the marijuana and use it for themselves?
    Secondly, if it helps alleviate pain I would have gladly given my dad whatever he needed to make his last days as pain free and plesant as possible. The same applies to my pets. The only difference between the two is that my pet can’t tell me where it hurts or how bad the pain is. But I know they feel it.

    • I agree with you Jessica that there will be some that will use their pet to get marijuana. Both my parents died of cancer and if marijuana would have helped them I would have been all for it. I have heard that cats do not show pain so it would be hard to determine if a cat would benefit from something for pain.

  2. I have friends who are interested in getting the medical use of marujuana legalised in Australia for human use. Having read their findings, they mention the different chemical levels in different types of dope and so it is quite important in my mind, especially with human consumption, to have it’s use regulated.
    As for using it with my pets, I don’t think so. Being illegal, I wouldn’t want to take the risk. If it was legal and prescribed by the vet, possibly. Our dogs are already constantly hungry so I can’t imagine them with the munchies.

    • A lot of people where I live want to see marijuana legalized. I had never even thought about giving it to animals until I heard it on the news. If it makes a person mellow, as I have heard it does, at least your dogs won’t chew off the kitchen cabinet doors looking for This is very much a controversial subject.

      • It’s becoming less controversial in Australia. My cousin’s child has severe epilepsy and has had fairly radical brain surgery. However, the drugs he was taking damaged his liver and he’s just had liver surgery on top of that. He is only 2 years old. If medical use of marijuana can reduce that kind of trauma and prevent brain injury, it needs to happen and sooner rather than later xx Rowena

  3. Not being too familar with US politics, could this be a desperate attempt at acquiring support? It certainly seems a bit of “fly by the seat of your pants” proposal. The concept makes for an interesting discussion in that we are already treating dogs with “human” drugs……….. but where does one draw the line? All questions but no answers!

    • It is an interesting subject. Like you I wondered if this may be something that might be used to acquire support. My cat is actually on the same steroid drops that I use. I also have to give her children’s saline solution and decongestant drops, as she has allergies. I think somewhere down the line you’ll see this approved.

      • The pressure here (Canada) is to decriminalize it. If I am understanding that correctly, it will still be illegal but not considered a criminal offense (with the ramifications that go with it). I agree with you though. It will be approved one day and will no doubt generate an obscene revenue for the Government to squander.

        • I don’t think it should be a criminal offense. Granted, if it’s illegal something has to be done to those who are not doing the right thing. I’m sure the government is already counting the revenue!

  4. Interesting post Cheryl. I think that medical marijuana can be a good choice instead of all the chemicals, no matter it is for humans or our pets. I don’t think it would be worse for all than all the chemicals, as also I need to take every day.
    Anyway it would be nice with more scientific proof before we just go on.

    • I agree with you on the chemicals that we put in our bodies from prescription and over the counter drugs. Even cigarettes and drinking have adverse affects. Hopefully scientists will find all the pros and cons associated with marijuana. I’m thinking there be more pros.

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