Review ~ Meffort Inc 17 17.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Bag Carrying Case

Meffort Inc 17 17.3 inch Laptop Sleeve Bag Carrying Case with Hidden Handle and Adjustable Shoulder Strap – Purple Butterfly Design

I had been looking for a carrying case for my laptop for quite a while. It seemed that all the ones I found were boring one color bags such as black, brown or gray. I wanted something colorful and unique. I absolutely fell in love with the colors and graphics on this laptop sleeve carrying case. My laptop fits nicely inside with room for the power cord, a notebook, and a few file folders. You can carry your laptop over your shoulder or use the hidden handles and carry like a bag. It is waterproof. Just remember that this is a sleeve bag which means it is a thin cloth like bag. I like this as it makes the bag a bit lighter to carry than one made of heavier fabric. Although I have read other reviews of this product in which this has been a problem (customers felt that a thin cloth like case would not protect their laptop) I won’t be swinging my laptop carrying case around like a lasso so I am not worried about that. I have used this carrying case on several trips and my laptop has been just fine!

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