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Most Siblings Born On Leap Year

Originally posted on Birthday Twin Central:
February 29, or Leap Year, comes around every four years. Many people have been born on Leap Year, such as the baseball player, Al Rosen. On the years that there is no February 29th, those born on that day usually celebrate their birthday either on February 28th or March…

Apartments For Rent

Paradise Court Apartments located at 7 Life Everlasting Lane could be the Promised Land you have been searching for. Surrounded by breathtaking pearly gates our one and two bedroom apartments are incomparable to any other rental properties. All apartments are fully furnished with divine décor in an array of colors so beautiful it is awe-inspiring. […]
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Armored Heart

  Believing that the abuse that he endured in his childhood was something he deserved he continues to struggle through his life. He seems to wear the bitterness on the sleeve of his button down plain shirts. He looks much older than that of his age and his clothes would suggest that he is. His […]
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