Blogging From AtoZ April Challenge 2023 ~ Condensed Version ~ Non-Profit Organizations

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge is held every April.  Participants follow an A to Z pattern of blog posts.  Blog posts are required for every day of the month of April, except on Sundays.  This makes the number of posted days 26, which is how many letters in the alphabet there are.  Participants can pick a theme, but it’s not required.

Here you will find all 26 of my Blogging from A to Z Challenge Posts for 2023 condensed into one blog post, instead of daily individual blog posts. 

My theme: Non-Profits

A is for As You Sow

B is for Baby2Baby

C is for Caiden’s Hope Foundation

D is for Do Something

E is for Ears For You

F is for FACE Foundation For Animals

G is for Get Shift Done

H is for High Fives Foundation

I is for Inheritance Of Hope

J is for John H Hartford Foundation

K is for Kare For Kids

L is for Lady Free Thinker

M is for Mann Cat Sanctuary

N is for Nature’s Nurse Wildlife Rehabilitation

O is for Old Friends

P Is For Packages From Home

Q Is For Quality Services For The Autism Community

R is for Room To Read

S is for Second Chance Animal Services

T is for Things Of My Very Own

U is for Undies For Everyone

V is for Vet Tix

W is for (The) Wright Ranch Rescue, Inc

X is for Xpose Hope

Y is for Youth With A Mission

Z is for Zaksee Parrot Sanctuary

*If you have a non-profit organization or know of one that you would like highlighted, please email me and I may add it to next years AtoZ Blogging Challenge.

Disclaimer: This post is for general information only. It is part of the Blogging From A-to-Z April Challenge (2023). I am not affiliated with or endorse this non-profit organization. Please use caution when donating online.


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