#Bloganuary ~ Do You Have A Memory That’s Linked To A Smell ~ January 16, 2023

For me, there are a few smells that bring back a memory. But the smell that brings back the best memory is that of lilacs.

The strong sweet aroma of lilacs always brings me back to the home I grew up in. These bushes, that will always be a favorite of mine, lined the side of our yard. There were bushes that bloomed a lilac colored flower while others were white. One large bush was placed on the side of the front door. That bloomed deep purple.

Just a whiff from these delicate little flowers and my mind wanders back to a time when my parents and siblings were all under the same roof. I am reminded of playing in the yard, fighting over the tv, all the good and bad that life brought back then. But mostly a time when we were all together, before my parents divorced.


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