#Bloganuary ~ What Fear Have You Conquered ~ January 15, 2023

Not sure why I’ve had this phobia for most my life, but I am afraid to plug things into electric outlets. From what I have read it most likely was caused by some kind of traumatic experience but for the life of me I can’t remember any such situation that would cause such fear.

I’ve gotten through my life dealing with anything that has to be plugged in by asking others in my household to do it.

With my youngest child leaving the nest, this left me alone and having to deal with how I would achieve the task of plugging something in, when an occasion would arise.

I knew I had to face and conquer this phobia. And I did….

I bought a pair of electrical insulated lineman rubber gloves from Amazon. And as long as I have them on, I am no longer afraid of electrical outlets.

That still counts, right : )



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