#Bloganuary ~ Describe The Happiest Day Of Your Life ~ January 17, 2023

This is sad…LOL But I have racked my brain all day trying to think of a day that I would consider the happiest day of my life. There isn’t just one that stands out from all the rest. Maybe that day hasn’t happened yet.

For me, happiness isn’t something that has to happen on a certain day. Sure, I was happy the day my children were born and the day I graduated college. But I find happiness every day, in joyful moments.


That first sip of coffee in the morning.

Feeling the sun on my face.

Seeing something that I planted germinate.

Exchanging greetings with a neighbor.

Smell of freshly cut grass.

There is an extremely happy day coming soon, for me. Will it be that happiest day I was prompted to write about? We shall see. In May I will become a great grandmother for the first time. I will have a great granddaughter. How awesome is that!



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