#Bloganuary Writing Prompt ~ How Brave Are You ~ January 2, 2023

People often think of bravery as an act of epic proportion, such as taking a bullet that was meant for someone else. Sure, those things are definitely heroism, but bravery can also be found in the simplest of actions.

As for me, my bravery comes from being who I am. I tend to speak my mind. I like talking things out when an issue or circumstance arises. I will always say I am sorry, if I do something wrong. And I will go without, if I feel someone is more in need.

I’ll never be brave enough to walk a high wire, jump out of an airplane or drive a race car. But when it comes to being myself, no matter what others may think, I have always been very brave!


  1. I loved the read, Cheryl. So many have difficulty being themselves. It does take courage.
    I’m also with you on the not walking a high wire, jumping out of an airplane or driving a race car. Some things are better left to others…. I enjoy my bones not being broken… 🙂

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